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Vbike - green bikes you can rent on the Malecon and other places  


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19/01/2020 9:02 pm  

Hi I just wanted to recommend the use of the Vbikes (the green bikes you can unlock with an app).   They are very inexpensive (10 pesos for a 1-hour ride) or if you buy a monthly plan  (I paid 50 pesos) and get 2 hours of free riding each day for the next month, I then only pay 10 pesos for each hour after the 2 free hours.

A couple of tips:  

1) You can only rent 1 bike with your app so if you need to rent two you will need two phones and two different user accounts.

2) Check the bike out a bit by squeezing the brakes and setting the seat height and make sure the clamping mechanism will keep the seat up before you select your bike. (if you don't like the bike you selected it appears you can put it back by locking it in the same location and you won't get billed)

3) The app shows you where you can return the bike (which is basically all along the Malecon and several locations in the central district).   You manually lock the bike and push end ride on your app to end your ride.    If you lock the bike and end your ride outside the allowed area you will get a fine. 

4) The bikes have 3 speeds which is nice if you are riding into a headwind.  

I have used the Vbikes 6 times this past week and in general, the bikes are kept in reasonably good condition.  They are heavy but also a good way to get some exercise and have fun! 

I am interested to hear about anyone else's experience with the Vbikes. 



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22/01/2020 8:15 pm  

FYI: recent articles indicate that the Mzt government wants to remove the bikes because "the city is not getting any revenue" from them ....

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31/01/2020 9:52 pm  

Eliot and Jakie,  It looks like the articles you read were correct.  As of Jan 30th all the green V bikes are now gone.   So sad!   I guess the bike rental businesses in town are happy about that.   I am hopeful they will get this figured out and restore their service.