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04/02/2020 1:31 pm  

@forumadmin   My posts were not addressed to the logging in issue (though they are in that topic). They were addressed to the issue of not receiving the posts that one subscribes to by direct email and being able to reply  by direct email rather than having to go to the forum website. Though some (not that many compared with the total number of mazinfo subscribers) vehemently objected to receiving emails when posts were put up on mazinfo ... there were many many of us who much preferred to communicate without having to go to the forum website.  In the description of a couple of the plug ins that I posted links to ... I think that it was indicated that by using one of those plug ins, the direct email receipt of posts and the ability to respond by direct email would be enabled.  Anyway , thanks for all you do.



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04/02/2020 1:44 pm  

Hi Ana

Thank You for the heads up.  Staying logged in function working like a darn now!  Appreciate your efforts on our (users) behalf.

Have a great day.



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04/02/2020 1:49 pm  


Aha, yes you are right. I had previously looked at those plugins to see if I could solve the "receiving emails" issue. However, while they looked like they might do the job, they are in fact for an entirely different purpose.
I am still hopeful that I may come across a solution over time but, for now, people will have to subscribe to the particular thing they are interested in following.

I appreciate your feedback...Ana


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