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How to fly to Mazat...
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How to fly to Mazatlan  


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21/02/2020 7:39 pm  

We live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Flying to Mazatlan seems a real problem with very limited flights and trips taking minimum of 8 hours to 27 hours. Anyone find a good way?

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27/02/2020 2:37 pm  

my family , in petaluma, fly down mostly on alaska air . it's not cheap and it's not that fast but it's not 27 hours. you travel sfo to lax and then to mzt. it takes longer going back north. if they come up with something better i will try to post again.

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01/03/2020 12:18 pm  

I typically fly Seattle-Mazatlan round-trip once each year.

The two primary options are Alaska Air (connecting through LAX) or with American Air (connecting through Phoenix). I

think also you can fly United (connecting through DFW) - but that is then a longer flight.

The trips usually aren't too long - depart at 6am, arrive in maz about 1pm.

For some reason, the airfares always seem to be higher than comparable flights to Cabo, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta,

running about US$450-600 (depending upon day of the week, time of the year, etc).

I actually prefer routing through Phoenix (versus LAX), as the airport is nicer. And clearing customs is usually faster/easier

in Phoenix.

I've looked into other options - like taking a non-stop from Abbottsford, BC on Swoop or flying to San Diego, then crossing

over to Tijuana airport and taking a non-stop on Volaris. sometimes that saves a bit of $, but always winds up making the

travel time longer.


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01/03/2020 3:25 pm  

Hi Diego

I think you will find airfare has increased, been doing so in recent years.  Of course, time of year has a large impact too.  NWe choose Alaska as we have found them most reliable. The possible pain flying out of Portland is that if you don’t schedule early, an overnight may be required.  That adds to overall travel time, expense, etc.  Wishing all safe and pleasant travels.  Rick



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01/03/2020 5:45 pm  

@stefanie. Let your family know that you can fly via Alaska Air out of Sonoma County Airport and be in Mazatlan (with a stop at LAX) by 3 p.m.